Monday, August 14, 2017

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According to totally pointless carefully researched statistics (produced by hard to employ working scientists, using made up world renowned formulae) women take, on average, one hour and 12 minutes  to get ready for a big night out (that’s 72 Minutes to you)!

72 whole minutes of buffing, preening and outfit changing before strutting our stuff to our destination of choice.

Obviously because we’re worth it… but 72 Minutes is not just about looking great, it’s about all the things us women have to be to make the world go around!

So, calling all;

Soccer mummies, Slummy mummies and yummy mummies

Super Nannys, chauffeurs and money managers

Cooks, cleaners and emotional therapists

Baby whisperers, Mother-In-Law whisperers and any-other-creature-your-other-half-can’t seem-to-communicate-with whisperer

Hair stylists, youth fashion advisors and counsellors to little boys who get bullied

Fashionistas, stylistas, chocaholics and shopaholics

CEOs, COOs and MDs

72M Magazine is our quarterly print, dedicated to all you awesome females, aiming to bring you a little bit of everything you need to make your world go around, to help you squeeze in those precious 72 Minutes that you totally deserve!

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