72M is a lifestyle magazine for busy women. Published quarterly we aim to bring you an international perspective on business, health, money, beauty, family, fashion and anything else that captivates our attention. Every issue features contributors from all corners of the globe and their tips, tricks, insights and advice on how to squeeze the best out of every minute you have!

Read on to find out more about our regular contributors and what’s currently keeping them busy.

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Nita Thanki "HeavenSentBeauty"

Nita Thanki “HeavenSentBeauty”

Dave Calcutt "An Englishman in Serbia"

Dave Calcutt “An Englishman in Serbia”

Andy Holmes "Life Behind The Lense"

Andy Holmes “Life Behind The Lense”

Alex Jenkins; "The Alex Experience"

Alex Jenkins; “The Alex Experience”

Terry Seymour

Terry Seymour; “Business”

Camille Stephens

Camille Stephens; “Fitness and Health”

Darren Darnborough

Darren Darnborough; “Brit On The Boulevard”

Katherine Pegka

Katherine Pegka; “Fashion and Style”

Mbeke Waseme

Mbeke Waseme; “Career and Management”

Sarupa Shah

Sarupa Shah; “Money and Spirituality”

Ryan Roth

Ryan Roth; “Art Life”

Shelley Rostlund

Shelley Rostlund; Business and Social Media

Michael Robinson

Michael Robinson; “The Food Curator”

Mark Harewood

Mark Harewood; Design