6 Reasons to invest in Dubai Real Estate



There are plenty of reasons to buy property in Dubai – its great weather, it’s a safe place to live etc.…. But before buying something as permanent as a property, it’s important to know why it would be a good investment.

(1) High Standards of Living
Dubai offers a standard of living that nowhere else in the world offers, with amazing buildings, luxurious accommodation and appealing tax-free zones, drawing in expats who are looking to make a move overseas.

(2) Easily Accessible
Property in Dubai is open to any investors from anywhere in the world, unlike the stock market. This means that there is greater liquidity and more funds in the market place, according to the real estate company Dacha.

(3) Increasing Returns for Investors
In an article for Ocean View Dubai, Holly Woolston explained that there is good news for those who have recently bought property in Dubai because recent studies have shown that real estate investors would have a return of nine to thirteen percent each year, starting from 2014. With the hype around the Expo2020, investing in projects in Dubai could see its value increase at a steady and constant rate.

(4) It’s Cheap on an International Level
Compared to international standards, property prices in Dubai are low, with the price per square metre being less than half of that in the UK. Other rates that differ are their falling mortgage costs.

(5) There’s no Property Tax
Being tax-free is just one of the factors that make Dubai a cost-effective place to not only invest, but live and work too. The tax-free regime is very appealing to investors and is a way the Emirati Government encourage foreign investment activity which will further boost its every growing economy. Because people earn high tax-free salaries, they are in a position to support the higher housing prices.

(6) Changing Laws
Dubai’s real estate market has been created from scratch, meaning their legislations are continuously being changed to support the rapid growth of the city. There are new areas of construction opening up throughout the year by the government to help development, with properties being built at an exceptional speed.


Blog credit: Leen Ahmed

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