Wednesday, April 19, 2017

IFC: Comedies, Movies, and soooo much more!


Love offbeat satire? Of course you do, what’s better than wit and comedy combined?! For your online dose of quirky, cringe-worthy, side splitting, eye-watering comedy sketches head right on to IFC.

The home of Portlandia, Maron and Comedy Bang! Bang! recently launched ‘Comedy Crib‘, their online network featuring 18 different series of comedy shorts. With a new episode every Tuesday you can break up the long, hard, work week with some genuine fun(ny) times.

You must, must, must catch Sound Advice. Janessa Slater (Saturday Night Live’s Vanessa Bayer) is a media coach who is on a mission to help fix the image of some of your favourite artists.

It’s the perfect blend of cringe-inducing one liners and belly tickling satirical exchanges that will have you guffawing as you think “Did she just say that??!”.


Get your daily dose of funny with this episode as Janessa imparts her advice on Sleater-Kinney. The facial expression are magic.

I think we need to line up Kanye.


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