A World of Whose making?

2015 April Cover

May 7th saw a decisive Conservative win in the UK Elections. With 51% of the votes and 331/ 650 seats the country has spoken… things will pretty much be as they have always been with a little kilter towards the centre right. The misconception that a Labour government will usher in an absolutely liberal way of life is, at best, childishly naïve, at worst, delusional. If Britons wanted a liberal way of life the Green Party would have far more kudos than it has now. Likewise; if Right Wing fanaticism were the colour Du jour the country would have turned purple overnight. Note that UKIP failed to secure a seat in Westminster, and the Green Party have 1 seat, despite a surge in votes for both parties. The Liberal Democrats have all but been wiped out, Labour, and the Conservatives, retain the positions they have always tussled over, and a smattering of independents joust at the bottom of the political pool; thus we continue to live in the UK of our choosing.

In April’s issue of 72M (pushed out at the 11:59th hour!) we discuss ‘A World of Whose making?’ as we consider how we happen to arrive at the world we live in today. Our regular contributors turn this idea over in their thoughts and deliver their reasoning weighing up the impact of clandestine powers versus personal motivation and responsibility. Read about it and share your thoughts;

To balance the seriousness of it all we deviate from the political, and philosophical, tomes with travel, music, and film. We live vicariously through Darren Darnborough as he embodies the jetset life, find release in the music of Morgan James, and emotion in the directorial début of Fiona Domenica;

Stingrays Trailer from Galvanized Films on Vimeo.

We continue with our journey of self-discovery and bring you ‘Cardology’, or Birthday Cards, or Destiny Cards… a way to consider your traits, fates, and potential mates. Similar to Tarot, and any other ‘You-Ology’ feature we explore, the aim is to prompt you into seeing yourself from as many perspectives as possible, so to know yourself better. Try it here; The Cards of Life

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Self confessed workaholic, serial entrepreneur, fashion fiend, fitness freak, and mom of 2; Dinah is the Editor of 72M Magazine, owner of The Freperie, and proudly INTJ!

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