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The number 1 reason why you should use Google+ for your business…

google plus

So it’s not as popular as Facebook, as ‘trendy’ as Twitter,  as pretty as Pinterest, or as hippy as Instagram, and you may be thinking it’s one Social Media platform too many in your quest to build your brand.

google plus

Think again.

Get on the Google+ bandwagon if only for this reason; it’s linked to the biggest, most popular, search engine on the internet.

Read this slowly;

  • As of 2014 Google occupies 68.75 percent of the global search engine pie. That is almost 2/3rds. The nearest contender, Baidu, occupies 18% and is primarily viewed as a search engine serving China.
  • Everything you post on Google+ is indexed, and will improve your search engine ranking.

Think about every article you have read advising you to improve your websites SEO to target more customers, increase traffic / page views / page hits etc. etc. etc. Google+, with very little effort, will enhance your brand’s search engine ranking and sharpen you SEO.

We’ve dug out some great tips for you to up your Google+ game;

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The art of ‘doing it

A lot of people read up on ‘How to…’ tips and tricks then skip several stages. Trust the process and try every tip at least once. Learn what works for you, and what doesn’t, then refine. Most importantly – keep reading and share what you find, your success and knowledge will only attract others to you further increasing… you’ve got it… your success and knowledge!

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Share the knowledge.

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