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The best tips to immediately boost the number of followers on your Instagram


A picture can speak a thousand words and with over 150 million users Instagram is proof that there is a ready, willing, and able audience for your business, if you know how to reach them.

Whether your business is real world or online there’s no excuse to not tap into social media. At it’s base level it’s a free PR / advertising vehicle for your brand, idea, or start-up. Used correctly it can consolidate your brand identity, attract new customers, and boost your bottom line.

Over the coming weeks we’re going to hunt and gather all the simple, but hugely effective, techniques that you should be using if you want your business to flourish on the internet.

If you’re not yet on Instagram, sign up. It’s painless and you can sign up as your business so it doesn’t have to get personal!

Now you’re in, let’s find you some followers.

1) Learn from others

Why reinvent the wheel? Whatever your niche there are willing teachers, happily sharing their trial/error experiences so you can dive straight in and put their tips to work.

IPhone Photography school has a collection of excellent guides, tips, and insights that will send you on your way to beautiful pictures and engaged followers.

This article from huffpo is worthy of 10 minutes of your time. It’s not revolutionary but it lists a sensible, well tested, and easy approach to getting more eyes on your photographs.

Reddit is like the badlands of the internet. Tread carefully, there be trolls there. Nevertheless it’s a goldmine of individual accounts of ‘how I..’. This submission from user rhino_so is just the tonic if you have an online store that you want to promote. Read it. Use it. Share the knowledge!

2) Apps, apps, and more apps


For every social media platform there seems to be an app that will help you analyse, interrogate, multi-task. Don’t overlook the value of a good app. Here’s three of our favourite.

websta – for instagram and non-instagram users alike! Subscribe to posts, organise boards, follow users, post comments, and a wealth of other features. Use this to find out what is popular so you can replicate!

iconosquare – it’s a bit like websta, with added tools to help you understand your instagram usage. How many likes did that picture get? What filter do you use the most? Additionally you can engage your audience by running contests, and analyse your post performance to optimise your content and increase followers.

Instaframe – Download this through Google Play for your android device and enjoy creating photographs that are more interesting than the single shot / apply filter / hashtag till you drop  versions that instagram is awash with. If you want to engage your audience vary the images you present to them and this is a free, easy to use, resource that will help you out!

Here’s one we created earlier #nofilter;


p.s. There are many similar apps for IOS.
3) Go to the experts

There are people out there who invest their energies understanding this phenomenon called social media. Read what they write, then apply it to what you need to achieve. They’ve done the footwork, now you build the dream.

Search Engine Journal – 10 Ways to get more Instagram followers – one in many how to guides but the advice is practical and easy to follow!

Quick Sprout – first ignored the power of Instagram, then learned there was no escaping it, then read all he could to master it, now gains 200 followers a day! Get motivated.

The art of ‘doing it

A lot of people read up on ‘How to…’ tips and tricks then skip several stages. Trust the process and try every tip at least once. Learn what works for you, and what doesn’t, then refine. Most importantly – keep reading and share what you find, your success and knowledge will only attract others to you further increasing… you’ve got it… your success and knowledge!

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