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From floundering to fabulous in 24 hours

2015 02 24 Shopify store front

The world of eCommerce promises opportunity and riches. E-commerce statistics confirm the explosive pace at which this industry has developed as worldwide B2C e-commerce sales amounted to more than 1.2 trillion US dollars in 2013. 40% of worldwide internet users have purchased goods or services online and future projections suppose substantial, continued, growth.

Naturally if your heartbeats for business investing in eCommerce seems like a sensible idea but the road to success is not always so simple.

Having managed an eBay shop (as a business) since 2014 the move to a standalone web based store front seemed natural. Urban legends about eBay’s mistreatment of smaller sellers also mounted the doubt about the long term sustainability of an eBay only store.

2015 02 24 ebay store front


Queue Inmotionhosting – a webhost provider that would allow the capacity to build 72M and Seventy2Minutes while growing The Freperie as a stand alone store front. Several enthusiastic hours later store front V1.0 was created. Several iterations of said store front, and 4 months later, and the towel has been thrown in.

Alas, some things were not meant to be.

After months of issues with site availability (frequent outtages of The Freperie each time Inmotionhosting  performed maintenance) I decided to give up trying and revisit a previous option I had dismissed all too quickly – Shopify.

In hindsight I can’t remember why Shopify was a originally a no-no. From decision to “up and running” it’s taken 24 hours to reconfigure my domain names, import content from eBay, and set up the basics of a store front that – so far – is easier to manage, prettier to look at, and highly accessible.

2015 02 24 Shopify store front

With a “14 day’s free” trial on offer I’ve been able to design a store I’m happy with without losing some of the flexibility that hosting my own website allowed for.

I’m now preparing for a shipment of new stock, confident that I have a store front that can display them and a provider that’s consistent!

Check out the new store front here;

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