Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Fun, Fashion and Frippery

shutterstock_178174763_Svyatoslava Vladzimirska

The Freperie“, once Amara’s Closet, is open… sort of! As we busy ourselves taking photos and measuring garments we’re reminded of why we chose this life of toil.

The fun, the fashion, and the frippery!

2014-09-13 Luella Bartley

As tiring as dressing mannequins can be there’s something satisfying about cosying up to a DSquared2 dress, stroking the silk on a Rohmir shirt, or smelling the leather on a Balmain.

2014-09-13 Blumarine

Call as frivolous. No, really, do. That’s the point. In all the haste and the madness of everyday living we welcome a little bit of frippery. We’re more than happy to flounce, mince, flirt and sashay like there’s no tomorrow, especially when tomorrow brings drudgery and more toil.

2014-09-13 Olivia Rubin

Embrace your frippery.

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Self confessed workaholic, serial entrepreneur, fashion fiend, fitness freak, and mom of 2; Dinah is the Editor of 72M Magazine, owner of The Freperie, and proudly INTJ!

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