Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Fashion at its Finest


I love fashion.

I love the frippery, the escapism, the fantastic way that a coat can turn the bashful to bold, the dainty to dominatrix. I love the manifestation of a designers imagination into the contours of a pair of jodhpurs, the float of a silk skirt, the fold of a tie… simple pleasures.

Fashion is not without its faults. Google can offer up tales of ‘size 0‘ horror stories, racism, animal cruelty (WARNING – IMAGES MAY BE UPSETTING)… there is much to concern the onlooker but these are not the sum of fashion’s parts.

Beyond the fun and frippery there is an art to fashion, an intelligence that finds its way through the most talented of designers, and awareness that “if all the world is a play, the players want some choice about their costumes!”

And oh my do we have some choices!


I met Olga Roh of ROHMIR ( last year and instantly, unashamedly, fell in love. She is certainly my kind of woman. Decisive, focused, passionate, hardworking and, above all, very intelligent. When I received an invitation to her LFW A/W 2014 show, “My Kingdom for a woman”,  I was more than happy to coerce my boyfriend into joining me.

We arrived at the Grand Connaught Rooms to a scene buzzing with busyness and anticipation. A queue of waiting fans, friends, press and buyers were directed to their seats. At first my boyfriend warned me that we might not get seats. His experience of fashion shows were that they were busy and, quite often, more people than expected would turn up (blame those cheeky fashion students blagging their way in and all that). I prepared to stand. For a woman who can shop for hours just for the pleasure of smelling the ‘newness’ of wool, or feeling the sublime sensuality of silk, standing for 40 minutes is elementary. Moments later the young girl seating guests gestured that I join her in the front row. I had a ‘ring side’ seat. I could salivate up close. Hell yeah!

The show was great. If you love fashion as I do there’s nothing like watching the ethereal movement of well crafted fabric on well crafted bodies. The icing on the cake is the inspiration behind the show, a reminder of Olga’s readiness to take command of her own challenges;


There is certainly much to love here.

Dive in and indulge;

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