Weavesilk 4


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Weavesilk 4

Creativity is necessary for the soul and, possibly, for the sanity of your right brain. The beauty of the internet is that you don’t have to be a budding Rembrandt to unleash your ‘art’.

Through the magic of StumbleUpon I discovered weavesilk.com, an interactive app that allows you to generate art at the flick of your mouse.

A new 9-5 that has brought with it senior responsibilities, longer hours and left brain activities has all but sapped my creative juices.

I leave my trusty 9-5 computer to spend an hour in a hunk of metal powered by a trusty VW computer, to plant myself in front of my less than trusty home computer;  enough to make Van Gogh slice his other ear off….alas!

Still, whilst technology continues to dominate my every waking hour  weavesilk.com gave me at least 15 minutes of childlike, spontaneous fun and although the psychometric output is still a little rooted in my 9-5 logic it’s a welcome break for the weary creative.

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Try it for yourself and unleash you art!



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