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Fashion; Fun, Frivolous and Full of heart

McQueen Savage Beauty @ Solve Sundsbo

It’s easy to dismiss fashion as the preserve of feckless celebrities and doe eyed wannabes.

The media is often teeming with stories of ‘nip slips‘, questionable ‘brand ambassadors‘ and endless accounts of ‘who wore it best?’. It’s enough to drive a sensible, intelligent fashionista to drink (Mine’s a Pinot please).

There’s nothing wrong with all this frivolity. At its best it reflects incredible creativity, shapes generations and charts the growing acceptance of diversity in an arena that is often berated for its lackluster inclusion of anyone less than Caucasian and borderline-anorexic;

McQueen Savage Beauty @ Solve Sundsbo




At its worst it’s reflective of the downright bitchiness that fashion cliques can bring out in fashion fiends. Such is life (and fashion) but it’s always nice to stumble across a brand that seems to have a heart.

I love the idea of Edun but it hasn’t ignited the fashion world in the way I hoped it would but I live in hope, especially with the powerhouse that is LVMH in it’s corner. Then there’s Beulah. A brand I stumbled across whilst hiring a dress for an event from GirlMeetsDress.

Beulah Kate Middleton 2

I’ll take any excuse to dress up and the Beulah dresses on offer were the right balance of chic/romantic/lady like. The movie in my mind immediately suggested  Sense and Sensibility, a backdrop of the shire Counties and Legends-of-The-Fall-Brad-Pitt (my movie, my mind, my choice!). Perfect.

As it happens Beulah has turned out to be an ‘ethical’ brand. Pay attention, it’s not as scientific as you think and no one is going to chug you.

The story goes; the founders of the brand, on a working break in Atulya New Delhi, encountered the harrowing after effects of human trafficking and the sex trade. A desire to raise awareness and help tackle this led to Beulah, “an ethical fashion label with a transparent supply chain, focused on timeless and effortless elegance“. Each purchased item comes with a canvas bag made by victims of trafficking in India and some items in their main collection have been produced by women who have  escaped trafficking and the sex trade, including some who are HIV positive and widowed. This is a darn sight better than some major brands who still insist on using cheap labour to supply cheap clothes to the west.

I love fashion. I love how something as simple as a dress can change the way you feel about yourself but I’d prefer my fashion pain [for others] free. I have a sneaky suspicion that the founders (Natasha and Lavinia) have friends in high places as their dresses are often seen on Kate and Pippa Middleton; if celebrity endorsement isn’t your thing don’t let this put you off just love the fashion and know that your frivolity isn’t entirely wasteful!

Below are some of their swoon-worthy offerings and it would seem that they are really fit for a princess too!

beulah 2

beulah kate middleton 2



Ahhhhh. All that’s missing is my Legends-of-The-Fall-Brad-Pitt.

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