Three times a (saucy) lady…

Sheer victoriana... lady like, yet saucy

Lady like chic

Nothing encourages the following of an Insane workout crazelike the promise of summer and some scrummy yummy delicate garms.

Although these are for Amara’s Closet I have a sneaky feeling that one… or two… might make their way into this Editor’s closet!

This limited edition Miss Selfridge dress is just screaming for a pair wooden heel platforms and big, bold curls. The backless cut adds a bit of sauce to the pale, pleated, floaty, flirtiness of it all. I love it!

The ‘Designed by’ victoriana blouse is another tasty find. Miss Selfridges ‘Designed by’ range is designed by their inhouse team and their collections are bespoke, rare and very sought after by fashionistas and MS fans alike.

Sheer victoriana... lady like, yet saucy

However, the jewel of this find has to be this sample item. Not only is it a unique sample sale find, unlikely to be owned by any other fashion fiend, it’s gorgeous with a capital G!

The gold embroidery is stunning against the black and the angel wings are amazing. This is the kind of outfit you could wear on the beach, in a club, out with friends, on a hot date… it’s lady like chic at it’s best. A little saucy, a little exclusive and a whole lot of ‘wow’!

Yes please.

Who are you calling a tramp?!

Shorts and backless? Wowser!

Amara’s Closet will now be stocking sample sale items from Miss Selfridge so if you’re a fan of the brand join Amara’s Closet Facebook, Twitter and Ebay to keep up with all the gorgeous designs we have in store!

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