The end of an obsession and the beginning of an era?

Ah the beginning!

How many trees...?

84 editions of Marie Claire, 84 of Cosmopolitan, 24 Pride magazine and 2 of Elle Magazine… and this is the stuff I kept (I threw away the trashy ones straight after reading them for fear that someone would discover that I even knew they existed… sorry Closer, sorry OK…)

I won’t confess how much I [ahem] invested in my guilty pleasure but at an average of £2.50, twice a week over 4 years, I could have enjoyed a rather lush holiday in the sun!

Where did it all start?

With this;

Ah the beginning!

Having loved Pierce Brosnan as Bond and Halle Berry as Jacinta (Jinx)  in Die Another Day I snatched this edition of Marie Claire off the shelf, read it in my lunch break (as you do) and decided to keep it. Heaven knows why as I’m not a natural hoarder; in fact I make a point of throwing things away, or recycling them, once they’ve served their purpose and a magazine, in my hands, should have a shelf life of around 20 minutes not 10 years!

And it wasn’t just Marie Claire and Cosmo…

Naturally, I have lots of Pride

Blooming Elle!

I had developed a taste for shiny pages and colourful typefaces! Nonetheless the sheen of the glossy soon began to fade.

Somewhere along the line something changed. At first I thought that the glossy had had it’s day. With blogs on the rise and internet magazines springing up all over the shop how could a monthly, or even weekly, print keep up? But this wasn’t it, not in my humble opinion! The problem, for me, was it all became much of the same and nothing ‘grabbed’ me anymore. The, now, £3.60 (on average) seemed steep for a mag that was 20% advertising, 20% celebrity goss and 60% of content that seemingly repeated itself.

I did go back, like an addict relapsing, but it was just this one time… it was enough to remind me why I stopped collecting in the first place.

They funny thing is, whilst leafing through earlier editions of Marie Claire, Pride, Elle and Cosmo I was reminded of the things that originally hooked me; they were all heavy on the women’s issues, fab fashion, self help and light on the celeb gossip…

What a difference 5 years make!

Gone... not forgotten

Everything to be proud about

Ahhh Colin...

Ms Theron circa 2004


…and now it make sense why a quarterly digest about an online boutique suddenly became a glossy woman’s mag … hmmm… inspiration anyone?!

Inspired by the classics...

And for those who love to indulge in a bit of classic glitz and glam, enjoy;

Pammy, at her best?

Alesha before Strictly...

MC on MC. Awesome

Nicole 2003

Nicole 2005, getting better with age!

Ange 2004

1 year on.... Clearly an MC and Cosmo fave

Destiny, before one of them had a child 🙂




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  1. hewesufa

    dear mag fan reading mind…

    …when will the austerity bug bite the glossies and will females ever learn that a female body is a female body is a female body invented and created as supplement to a male body the eyes of which have that p for penis gloss when they hit the figure

    but then… which professional career will the glossies’ employees with power tasted then pursue…guess and smile…
    with a musing smile…hewesufa of >printingeria windropss<

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