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Kat and Bill. Bless.

Kat and Bill. Bless.

Unless you’ve been hibernating all April, and it is entirely possible that you’re a hermit who knows nothing of celebrity, you may have heard that a certain Prince is set to make a certain girl his princess this Friday.

A royal wedding? I hear you cry.

Yes indeedy!

Now there are two camps of thought on this.

In the blue corner we have the flag waving, anthem singing, ‘camp-out-three-nights-before-the-big-day-to-get-the-best-viewRoyal enthusiast.

Impressive or just a little bit scary. You decide.

In the red corner we have the rest of the UK, also referred to as the ‘thanks-for-the-extra-day-off-I’ll-be-in-the-pub-by-lunchtime‘ brigade.

Now we’re not suggesting that we’re anything less than excited about the prospect of witnessing a designer wedding dress, in a horse drawn carriage, making its way to an ancient castle-like building to meet a future king; we wouldn’t be fashionistas if we weren’t… but once said dress has been witnessed we will be in the pub… or the nearest wine bar… or the nearest wine bottle…sorry.

To make up for our lack of pomp and circumstance we’ve teamed up with The Crown Prints and will be giving away an exclusive t-shirt to mark the special day.

British to the core, The Crown Prints pokes gentle fun at well known British icons with intricate, thought provoking and quirky designs.

The Prince and Princess of Whales Tee is our tongue in cheek way of saying “Nice one William, she’s a stunner. Congratulations… but we’re still going to the pub.”

To be in with a chance of winning leave a comment below about your thoughts on the Royal wedding. The winner will be chosen using a random number generator and can pick from any colour, or t-shirt style, specified on the website

The winner will be announced by Monday 2nd May.

Good luck and enjoy!


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  1. Cleverlittlebuttons

    I’m loving the Royal wedding fever! Not because i’m a Royalist but because I’m a hug fan of weddings! Can’t wait to see the dress and eat my cucumber sandwiches!

    Love C x

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  3. Claudia Crawley

    And my huge WHALE is about all those women made redundant by the ConDem cuts who could have benefited from the millions being spent on security to protect not just the happy couple but the thousand odd celebs and heads of state.

  4. IcklePickle

    I say why the hell not?! They are in love, they’ve even done the whole break / lets have some space / do our own thing and then see what happens thing. Ok he’s not the most exciting guy that ever lived, but why shouldnt they get hitched?!
    Fair play I say and wish them all the best.
    Willw atch it and tell my children’s children etc – it’ll be the basis for history lessons in the future. x

  5. Thomas Rudnicky

    Alright now, I’ve got to say, even though all the way in the U.S., I were up to watch the Royal British Wedding. I clearly remember the previous one on TV very clearly.

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