A week of dressing dangerously…

4/5 ain't bad...

…Well maybe not so… no more so than I’m used to.

I remember in college changing my appearance daily.

New hair, new outfit, new make-up.

Every single day.

Easy when you’re 17, have no children and no pressure to be at work before 9 (ish).

This week I thought I’d revisit the joy of switching it up daily.

Every day would bring a new outfit?

Standard. I rarely wear the same outfit two weeks in a row let alone two days!

Every day new make-up?

Hmmm. There’s only so much you can do for work without attracting the wrong kind of attention right? Let’s be honest [fashion passion aside] this is a J.O.B not a nightclub!

Every day new hair??

Uh oh. If you know much about afro hair you’ll know that less is better. My hair has been good to me over the years. I don’t want to go upsetting her now with daily attacks with the GHD’s!


In the beginning

I realise that blogging isn’t easy!

I’m clock watching, breakfast making and kid herding all at once. The last thing on my mind is outfit organisation.

I forget to take a picture of the ensemble.

Nil point.

I get a lame shot of the hair.

Deux point.

However. Out of 16 webcam shots only 3 are useable. Tyra would weep. Miss J would turf my ar$e faster than you could whisper ‘Rumplestiltskin is a child snatcher‘.

For the record… the jumper dress is Gestuz, the shirt Oasis and the pencil skirt Lola Espeleta.


Getting the hang of this shizzle!

Ok, it’s Tuesday.

Monday taught me a valuable lesson.

Preparation, preparation, preparation.

The outfit was sorted the night before… the hair was pure inspiration… from La Roux. I love La RouxI’m not your toy, In for the Kill, Bulletproof… these aren’t just songs… these are life anthems.

Still, I feel guilty for the hair abuse.

I like GHD’s. They’re good. Very very good… but all things in moderation… note no hairspray was used in this production. Besides shampoo, conditioner and hairdress I don’t use products on my hair. We have an understanding. If it flops by the end of the day so be it!

The outfit was brought to you (and more importantly me) by;

Jacket- Burberry London

Trousers- Tommy Hilfiger

Waist Coat- Next

Shirt- Next


Lady in red

I loved yesterday’s hair but I’m loving today’s dress.

It’s DKNY. I don’t wear it often but when I do I remember instantly why I bought it.

Every lady needs a red dress. Make it a shift dress and we’re ticking all the boxes (for me anyway).

I have a lot of shift dresses. It’s fair to say that I love them. Lady like chic is shift, dress and me all over.

Needless to say.. the dress is DKNY, the wrap top New Look


Onward fashion soldier

I’m feeling a little Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen in this outfit (FYI… I love LLB).

The little Lord Fauntleroy shirt is from ASOS, the skirt Laura Ashley and the cardigan is Miss JCL… oh yes, very proper… the belt is from Next

Having my hair up is always easier than not… plus I’m a little scared that GHD abuse will result in breakage and split ends so a hand crafted chignon/quiff is the way forward!



My work schedule was all meetings and no rest today.

I wanted a dress… something that would allow me to sit lotus style at my desk (people at work are used to this)… I also wanted an op to slip in the red belt I scored earlier last week.


Reiss dress.

Austin Reed shirt.

Red belt.


I threw in a dragonfly brooch from Amara’s Closet for good measure.

The day went relatively well. It would be fair to say that today was a good day but in all honesty… I’m glad the week is over.

It’s fun chopping and changing looks each day but the thought of slipping into pinstripe PJ’s, fluffy pink slippers and a Dolce and Gabbana vest stop is enough to make this styleista weep with joy.

Bring on the weekend please!

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Self confessed workaholic, serial entrepreneur, fashion fiend, fitness freak, and mom of 2; Dinah is the Editor of 72M Magazine, owner of The Freperie, and proudly INTJ!

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