Wednesday, May 24, 2017

One True Religion

Beyond True Religion

I love jeans as much as the next girl… dress down Friday in the office would not be the same without them… but alas… I’m in a denim rut. My ‘go to’ pairs have whittled down to Next skinny’s [for the boots in my life], Seven7 blinged out pockets, River Island boyfriends and True Religion Joey Big T’s… my one True love.

The usual suspects

I think it’s fair to say that I live in my Joey Big T’s…. as indestructable as they seem they are literally coming apart at the seams.

I know I need to step up my game and do my wardrobe some justice.

Before I opened Amara’s Closet I would have rushed straight back to the usual suspects… another pair of Joey Big T’s please… and make them a Drifter… but the Closet has opened my eyes and my heart [although there is only one True Religion]

I won’t say I’m a convert but I’m willing to diversify… a little…. Take the Paige Skyline tidal pocket in Rebel without a cause.

Rebellious... I'm feeling it

Unsurprisingly these lasted all of 2 days in the Closet… had they been 28’s instead of 25’s they probably would never have seen the inside of Amara’s Closet!

Then consider the Belstaff Black Prince skinny low risers

The Prince of Jeans

Clearly not all jeans are created equally and these were in a class of their own! Quality wise I’d rate them above the 7FAM and the Rock & Republics. These felt like they would last and last not to mention the gorgeous slate grey colour! I’ve never ever owned grey denim… in fact… I’d go as far as saying I’ve shunned grey denim in the past…. I hang my head in shame [hangs head in shame]… never will this horrid prejudism happen again! It’s certainly not in the colour… it’s in the quality!

One 7 for all Woman kind?

I’ve had a few 7FAM jeans pass through the Closet.. in fact some are waiting to be rehoused as I type. I like 7FAM. They give you just what you expect from a designer pair of jeans… nice design, a bit of fancy labelling and huge celeb endorsement… what I didn’t expect was how desirable these Margo’s would be!

Light blue jeans? And skinny ones at that! Surely they’re a pair of white stiletto boots away from Essex County??

Clearly my days of pounding the streets of Hainault and Theydon Bois (let me clarify that this was as a sales rep!) have marked me forever because… umm…. I want a pair (albeit minus the white stiletto boots)!!

Star crossed lovers

I was right there when the Rock & Republic lust hit fever pitch thanks to one Victoria Beckham. I tried a pair for a while but soon realised that they weren’t intended for girls who have teeny waists, big bottoms and thick thighs. The affair came to a swift end. No one was hurt.


These Stella Linear R Series are hurting me! The movie in my mind says; dance floor… corset… ruby red platforms… Flo-Rida.

Tease [Insert sad face].

They’re now with someone who has all the right proportions to fill them but it doesn’t stop me from wanting them even more.

Sea of Denim

Amara’s Closet is now over flowing with denim… mainly jeans… so technically I have the pick of a very good bunch. There’s a bit of everything from Paul & Joe to French Connection and, yes, I’ve flirted here and there but… honestly? When it comes to the crunch I think this may be a Religion thing!

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