Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Baby… I’ve got my boyfriends…

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Boyfriends boyfriends everywhere...

… and they’re gorgeous!

I sense the start of a beautiful relationship.

Boyfriends are a little more relaxed than the ordinary straight leg, can be worn down or rolled up Huckleberry Finn style but do not require a lumberjack shirt to complete the look (unless you’re really into lumberjacks of course…  I won’t judge you…)

My boyfriends...

There’s no rule book that suggests a boyfriend should be as dull as ditch water and only pulled out of the cupboard when you’re feeling fat and frumpy… IMHO boyfriends are much better when they’re sexed up… stiletto’s, skinny tee, tousled hair et al…

For the boys?

Now if you’re wondering why anyone would go through the trouble of investing in a pair of jeans that make them look like they’re wearing their boyfriend’s jeans when they could just wear their boyfriend’s jeans consider this…

1) you know where they’ve been.

2) They have no funky stains on them

3) You don’t have to go through the ‘oh-my-god-my-boyfriend’s-jeans-don’t-fit-so-I-must-diet-or-die’ sweats

4) You don’t have a boyfriend… not a real one… posters and celeb screensavers don’t count

So if you’re after a proper boyfriend… or two… the Closet has a couple of Jimmy’s and a Steve waiting patiently for the right girl. However, be warned, they’re really hot and I can’t see them hanging around for too long before some lucky chick snaps them up!

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