Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Show me what you got…

Somewhere out there a little grey package with a little blue sticker is being posted through some shopaholics mail box.

Ahhhhh. How the thought warms the cockles!

82 days in, 69 parcels later and, like the Jigga man says, my thirst is still the same.

I could shop for England.

No, really, I could.

I remember every item, chills and all. Electrifying. It’s like falling in love over, and over, and over again.

Yes, I’m a fashion strumpet. So what? Frailty thy name is woman and all that… There’s nothing quite like the chase, the capture and the conquer… then moving on to the next kill. Mmmmmm.

It”s not my fault. I was made this way.

Yes, I’m sure my customers are a little worried that I keep sending them messages asking for pictures showing them ‘wearing’ what they’ve bought… but I have offered to send them pictures in return…


In memory of all treasures past I’ve dug up a few pictures of some of my 69 loves.

WARNING: The following images may result in excessive drooling and uncontrollable wanting.

My first...

Roberto Cavalli

I'm lovin' it

Ed Hardy

Ahhh.. the road to W.A.Gdom

I'm feeling the connection...


Still lovin' it


And to the victor... the spoils

and it doesn’t end there!!

From Diesel boots to Adam Lippes dresses, Frank Usher handbags and Burberry skirts the love affair (and the treasure hunt) continues and it keeps getting better!

Watch this space.

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Self confessed workaholic, serial entrepreneur, fashion fiend, fitness freak, and mom of 2; Dinah is the Editor of 72M Magazine, owner of The Freperie, and proudly INTJ!

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