What happens when one of your favourite brands joins the Argan Oil revolution?

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You jump for joy and stash up, that’s what! Cruelty free, fair trade, socially responsible Argan Oil? Sign me up for some of that! A few words from The Body Shop: When it comes to The Body Shop the nourishing properties of Argan Oil go more than skin deep – this precious oil enriches the lives of hundreds of local Berber women, …

72m EditorWhat happens when one of your favourite brands joins the Argan Oil revolution?
Angel Haze Tumblr

DISCOVER: Angel Haze

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Trying to sell the concept of rap music to someone who regards it as a lesser form of music will always be difficult. Trying to explain that there is an inherent intelligence in the best crafted rap lyrics, to someone who only sees ‘baseness’ because of the over abundance of expletives often used, is like wading through tar. It’s almost …

72m EditorDISCOVER: Angel Haze
Trish Morrissey-Hayley-Coles

Family Matters: Portraits and experiences in family today

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What do we mean by family? One of the foundations of this apparently natural concept lies in Article 29 of the Italian Constitution, which states that “the family is a natural unit of society founded on marriage”. However, as sociologist Chiara Saraceno provocatively states, “nothing is less natural than the family”. Video by Chrischa Oswald This exhibition revolves around a …

Guest BloggerFamily Matters: Portraits and experiences in family today
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Super Juices to boost your health

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Who doesn’t need a bit of a ‘pick me up’ every now and then? The difficulty of managing a busy life is we know what’s good for us but ‘good’ is often very hard to achieve when there’s no time to think let alone ‘plan’. A busy life can lead to haphazard eating patterns, little rest, mediocre attempts to exercise …

72m EditorSuper Juices to boost your health

Survival tips for the busy woman

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1. EAT WELL Boost your B12 Eat for Energy   2. SLEEP WELL Power Nap with Andrew Johnson Improve Your Sleep   3. PLAY HARD (AND FAST) Best Android Games Boggle   4. EXERCISE 8 Minutes in the morning Before you shower   5. BREATHE Relax in 10 minutes or less De-stress   Enjoy. You deserve it.   Link to …

72m EditorSurvival tips for the busy woman
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Darkness Descends: It’s here!

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In our April issue (Issue 13) we featured Frank Kruger in our ‘movies & film’ section of 72M Magazine; Aiming for a different perspective we spoke to Frank about his journey from inspiration to production so readers could gain some insight into how the movie business works, the level of dedication needed, and the potential pitfalls along the way. Well …

72m EditorDarkness Descends: It’s here!

Viva Jasz Vegas

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With vibrant hair, a fabulous fashion sense and a gaze that could shatter the London shard, Jasz Vegas is a showgirl extraordinaire with a magic touch. Vegas holds a varied and impressive skill set; from burlesque to freak show, enthralling fire performance to impressive sleight of hand magic, she’ll leave you with a thumping in your chest and your jaw …

Guest BloggerViva Jasz Vegas